Bridge Expansion Joints:

As the Pakistan’s leading manufacturing company, Rainbow Rubber Industry have taken the responsibility for manufacturing of various sizes of Expansion Joints due to high requirements in Pakistan as well as in the International Market also. Credit goes to the labors for providing us these Expansion Joints from the last 50 years with the excellent quality. These Expansion Joints are used to provide a smooth running noise and shock free surface to the vehicles. Due to high tensile strength and good elastic deformation or expansion Neoprene Rubber is a good choice.

Transflex Expansion Joints:

Image 01

Rainbow Transflex Bridge Joint Comprise Steel angles and a Steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer.


  • Corrosion resistant elastomer casing
  • No Noise
  • Movement accomodation upto 1599mm
  • Accomodates skew movement
  • Factory vulcanised kerb units to suit changes in different levels
  • Easy to replacement

W-Joint Expansion Joints

Image 02

The Rainbow W REJ M 60 is a water tight continuous membrane system for joints with movements up to 60mm in bridges, parking decks and other vehicle traffic. It uses mechanically fastened elastomeric anchor blocks with molded-in flat steel inserts to support heavy duty and high impact loads. The monolithic reinforced elastomeric gland is mechanically locked between the rubber anchor blocks and concrete slab. An epoxy Paste bedding adhesive is applied beneath the gland to enhance the product’s watertightness. The exposed surfaces of the Pioneer W REJ M 60 are non-metallic and skid resistant while resisting V deterioration. A tongue-and-groove connection at the end of each block prevents separation and uplift.