Rubber Seal:

Rainbow Rubber offers the different elastomeric seals to reduce the leakage of the water and many chemicals such as some acids, oxidizing chemicals, ammonia isopropyl alcohol and concentrated acids, alkaline. Usually silicone rubber seals are used for automotive, aerospace and also for the medical purpose.

• Unmatched Temperature Resistance - withstands temperature extremes from -103°F to 550°F.

• Excellent Mechanical Properties - good elongation, excellent flexibility and a durometer range of 10-80 Shore A.

• Superior Insulating Properties - exceeds all elastomers in its insulating properties making it ideal for electrical applications.

• Exceptional Weather Resistance - resists the damaging effects of UV light, ozone, O2, weather, moisture and steam with outstanding aging characteristics.

• Excellent Dimensional Stability - offers excellent accuracy and provides versatility of shape and form to many seals and parts, even intricate shapes.

Rubber Profile:

Rubber Profiles are used for bus body building, automotive parts, electrical panels, railway and different construction buildings. These profiles are available in various shapes as well as sizes. Customers have the option to select from molded as well extruded bus body building profiles which can be solid as well as sponge profiles. The extruded rubber profiles are known to provide high temperature tolerance, weather proof sealing which prevents the moisture and dust from entering into the buses.