Rubber Safety Products

Rainbow Rubber is offering a very high quality range of rubber products to our prestigious clients. Our Experienced and technical team has taken the responsibility from 1968 to provide better quality products at reasonable prices. Our safety products are individually tested in PCSIR Laboratory.

Safety Wall Guard:

A protective strip of resilient material usually natural/EPDM rubber applied to the surface of a wall (especially along a corridor) several feet off the floor to prevent damage by buses, damaged by carts, wagons used within a building.

Neoprene Water Stopper:

Neoprene Water Stops are flexible polymer strips which provide a physical barrier to water at concrete joints, mostly in basements, water retaining structures like Water tanks, Swimming pools, structural foundations & other below ground level constructions.


200mm x 30mm thick x 800mm/1000mm

Pros of Wall Guards:

• Excellent weather resistance

• impact resistance

• Stain proof.

Speed Humps:

An artificial ridge set crosswise into the surface of a street, roads, parking lot, or driveway to make the operators of vehicles decrease speed for safety purpose.

Pros of Speed Humps:

• Potential to reduce the accidental rates.

• Reduces the speed of the Vehicles.

Rubber Fenders:

Rubber fenders are commonly used to ensure the structural safety of different kinds of boats, buildings & cylindrical vessels. Fenders are usually made up of natural/EPDM rubbers for high energy absorption and very low reaction force.

Wheel Stopper:

Wheel Stoppers are designed to provide good energy absorption from vehicle impact. They are manufactured in solid rubber for a tough service life. The product absorbs impact and quickly recovers back to its original shape when the vehicle is removed.


1. 150W x 500L x 75H

2. 130W x 500L x 100H

Pros of Wheel Stopper:

• Excellent weather resistance

• Crack resistance

• Abrasion resistance properties.