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The mating surfaces should be flat, parallel and free from cavities, gaps or protrusions. It is preferable for the structures surfaces to have a rough texture without lubrication, particularly oils and hydrocarbons. Due to slippage when compressed, a gap around all sides of the pad/strip must be provided. It is recommended that this gap be a minimum of 12mm.ded by vulcanization to the elastomeric material on all surfaces using special metal to rubber bonding adhesive. All external loads bearing steel plate(s) if present shall be factory vulcanized to the elastomeric bearings during the primary molding process.


The bearing is restrained in lateral movement by the frictional coefficient between the rubber and the structure. The ratio of lateral load over vertical load should not exceed the following values:

0.35 Elastomer/wood float finish

0.30 Elastomer/steel float finish

0.25 Elastomer/steel, elastomer/in-situ concrete finish

Final Inspection:

Before each "job" leaves our manufacturing floor; each lot is carefully inspected to ensure the highest possible quality. Rainbow Rubber Products ensures that our customers will be satisfied with the goods that we produce. Our long standing tradition of quality products and services requires that we make this final inspection. It is quite simply our way of verifying the integrity of our products and our staff. We have a simple motto:

"Do it right for the first time."


• During transportation or travelling, don`t throw or drop the bearing.

• Bearing should be stored on a smooth, leveling flat floor with a cover; the bearing has to be in a good shape before installation.

• Bearing shall be installed by qualified personnel to the positions shown on the plans.

• The bearing must be horizontally installed.

• Thin bedding to take up irregularities on the concrete surface must be provided. The strength of the concrete of bedding should not be less than that of the superstructure (structural concrete).

• As bearing have to raise on concrete plinths, it is recommended that of the plinths be properly reinforces with mild steel reinforcement bars or by non-shrink grout with the strength of the concrete of the superstructure.

• As the bridge always has some gradients, a proper shin by non-shrink grout between the top of bearing and the bottom of grinder (down stand) to generate a perfect load distribution should be provided.

• It is desired to ensure that there is no chance of accidental movement of the bearing from its appropriate position during the construction.

• During installation, a proper cover of the sides of the bearing by paper tapes for cleanliness purpose is recommended to prevent the leakage of unsettled non-shrink grout from the down stand formwork. After completion, the paper-tapes should be removed.