Water Stopper:

Rainbow offers Elastomeric CR / EPDM water stopper as well as the PVC type. A water stopper is an element of a concrete structure, used to prevent the passages of fluids (water or any other liquid) when embedded in and running continuously through concrete joints.

How it Works:

Water stopper are designed to simultaneously provide an interlock with the concrete they are installed in and to provide for a limited amount of movement within the joint. Water stoppers are generally installed in joints of secondary structures to prevent the passage of water & other hazardous fluids such as fuel oils, acids, or process chemicals.

Neoprene / EPDM Water Stopper:

Neoprene / EPDM Water Stops are flexible polymer strips which provide a physical barrier to water at concrete joints, mostly in basements, water retaining structures like Water tanks, Swimming pools, structural foundations & other below ground level constructions.

Characteristic of Neoprene Water Stopper:

• Hydrophobic Polymer

• Good Elastic Property

• No Corrosion Problem

• High elasticity

PVC Water Stopper:

PVC Water stoppers withstand expansion or contraction movement at joints and take care of any deflection or displacement arising due to change in temperature, differential settlement of foundation, Geo disturbances causing Seismic forces like earth quake, thus eliminating danger of cracks.

Composition & Material:

Water Stopper can be extruder from single screw extruder or twin screw extruder, depend upon the grades of material & compounding of the additional fillers including plasticizers, heat stabilizers, dyes, highly resistant to ozone and oxygen, and to waterborne chemicals, depends on the Clients requirement.

Ribbed Type W S with Center bulb:

This type of PVC is used in expansion, contraction and construction joints, particularly where a large amount of movement is expected. The higher will be the movement, the larger amount of the bulb that should be used. The bulb works with both lateral and transverse movement, and the ribs provide better watertight sealing than do non-ribbed types.

Ribbed Type W S without Center bulb:

This type of Water stopper used in construction joints where little or no movement is expected. The other function will remain the same.

Dumbbell W S Type without Center bulb:

This Water stopper is used in selected where movement, even if transverse and longitudinal, must be accommodated.

Baseal Type waterstop Joint Seals:

This type is designed for on grade installation at the bottom of concrete slabs that can be use to prevent upward seepage of ground water through joints, or in thin slab construction, or to waterproof joints at wall/slab junctions.

Characteristic of PVC Water Stopper:

• Suitable for high water hydrostatic pressure.

• Easy to weld on site

• High Tensile Strength

• Excellent weather resistant

• Unaffected by acids, alkalis, metals salts and other chemicals

• Lower water absorption

Precautions during Water Stopper installation:

• They are vulnerable to get damaged during construction.

• Compaction of concrete around water stopper should be taken care otherwise it can dislocate & could lead to a risk of leakage through concrete itself rather than through joint.